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Stop Begging Dental Insurance Companies to Pay Better!

EZ Biller is the first-ever streamlined software to get dentists paid from Medicare and other Medical Payers with a revolutionary, flat fee model.









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We created the missing piece for you to get paid from Medicare and Medical Claims.

Danny Hernandez

Shift Realty

"This has been our all-in-one tech stack for everything operations, sales & marketing. Couldn't recommend them more. The platform is powerful, robust and reliable, great job."

Get More New Patients!

36,000 new patients daily, and less than 1% of dentists are active. Access the largest payer with the biggest demand for dentistry that's hidden right underneath your nose.

Also increase revenue!!

Get the proven system for Dentists to access Medicare payments consistently and reliably. We made it easy and simple, and the best part, it's a low, flat-fee, so you can get paid the EZ Biller way.

Yes, While Improving Patient Care!!!

Discover the benefits of using our system to improve case acceptance and improve your patient satisfaction.We'll show you how to market and get these new patients into your dental practice

Unlock your Doctor Portion

It's not only about the money, it's a proven system that's improves patient care


Unlock your ability to send claims to Medicare and other medical payers. It's a must for any dentist treating living patients since 2023.

Medical claims for dentistry

Skip the Medical Billing & Coding using our proven system to help dentists get paid doing their own billing "in-house. Our new software saves time & money

health planner training

Discover a system for patient case presentation and to increase case acceptance. Reduce redos, complaints, and refunds. Must for reputation.

Get Paid EZ as 1-2-3

I don't even know you yet but let me guess, It's about time you get paid for the most valuable part of the work you've done as a dentist.

  1. check eligibility

Use our 24/7 live eligibility checker to verify benefits real-time directly with CMS and 2700+ other payers

  1. send ez medical claim

Send an accurate complete claim in less than 90 seconds. Don't do it the hard way, save time and money by doing it the EZ Biller way.

  1. get paid. rinse and repeat as necessary

Receive your Medicare and medical check, enjoy, take a picture with your first doctor check, try not to cry if you've practiced more than 12 months for not finding out about this sooner. Read #3 again, Smile, be grateful

Get Paid from Medicare & Other MEdical Claims Easily

Award-Winning Support

We have already helped hundreds of practices, and if you're ready, this will work for you, if you're ready to apply

courses & resources

We have recorded material and resources for you to get help on when you need it on demand.


Join the other dentists, doctors, and other healthcare admin working together in the "Health Starts From Mouth" Movement.

24/7 support

When you can't find an answer to your question or problem using the self-training support channels, you can contact the support team.

Join The Movement

We invite you to the Health Starts From Mouth Movement

get recognized as a doctor

Dentists aren't just any doctor, they are the most important part of our healthcare system. Let's celebrate and acknowledge the vital role dentists play

healthcare collaboration

Everyone knows we need to end dental-medical segregation. We can restore dental to its primary and fundamental position in healthcare together

future opportunities

Oral Health and Wellness is just beginning and the future of the industry is bright, full of potential, growth and exciting opportunities.

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  • medical eligibility- check medicare, and 2700+ payers live

  • ez biller- Medicare and medical claims in less than 90 seconds

  • medical claims paid- Preloaded, Proven Billing & Coding System that pays 99.8%




  • dental billing upgrade-

    Increase Fees, & contract negotiation

  • Quarterly Assessment -

    quarterly review ar, aging reports, inventory and overhead review

  • monthly group coaching - for medically integrated dental practices




  • Medical Documentation Ai assisstant-

    medical documentation ai powered by athelas scribe

  • Improve Practice Efficiency-

    3+ hours

    of continuous recording time

  • Coming soon - api integration with major cloud practice management systems

Join The Medical-Dental Revolution

"Thank you for getting me paid, It helped me make treatment more affordable."


"I've worked with other medical billers, but this is the last company I will ever work with"


"It's what's possible for the patient with this program, I'm happy and proud to help"


"EZ Biller saved my practice during the shutdown, Thank you Eric and Mila!"

J Magee, Eustis Family Dental

"I almost retired before finding EZ Biller, thank you for inspiring me to stay in dental

J Poovey, JP Dental Implants

"I have received close to 900k from this one insurance company..."

D Lee, Northern California Dental

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