Medical Billing Software for DDS/DMD Made Easy

Health Starts From Mouth
Mouth is Part of the Body

Finally, Get Paid for what you do, all of it. Easy as a few clicks

If you aren't Medical Billing as a DDS/DMD, you probably aren't getting paid fully for what you do. Health Starts in the mouth and its part of the body. Dentists Deserve More.

Medical Billing for Oral Healthcare Procedures

We specialize in medical billing for Dentists (DDS/DMD) that are performing surgery and/or medical necessary procedures that involve any work done in the mouth or oral maxillofacial area.

Practice Protection System Training

Medical Billing is half getting paid, the other half is keeping it, that means making sure your documentation represents the work you did and is written in a way that protects you and your practice from unethical collectors and/or pesky insurance companies.

EZ-Biller Software 

Medical Billing is very rewarding and a must in most practices nowadays but tracking claims can be a nightmare. This software makes checking eligibility, sending claims and tracking claims until payment easy and simple to do.

Health Planner Training

Office Managers are awesome, but we could all use some help. Imagine getting fully qualified, educated, and with full payment in hand, wouldnt that make life easier? Let our health planners help your patients understand treatment & their financial options

EZ Medical Claims
Unprecedented Simplicity.
Get Paid Confidently.

Dentists are the most important part of our healthcare system. Health Starts From the Mouth so those that can help or affect that area are in high demand and short supply.


Dentists Deserve More because the mouth is part of the body and patients all need and deserve the best shot at health, its just not possible without a healthy mouth.

We've designed this system to be your silent ninja assassin when it comes to getting you paid for what you deserve and making sure your patients get the help they need and get the finances taken care of whenever humanly possible. 

This isn't about rules, finances, and policy we fight for lives, patient's lives lived well and each and every one is important. 

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Ready to Go Medical with your DDS/DMD Practice?

Going Medical is something every DDS/DMD practice strives for, it's what we have been training for, studying, doing CE, and all the procedures. We help patients so we can save lives and better them through our work.